A Chord A Day - F

June 9, 2021

F Chord. A bar chord! No one likes bar chords. Let’s see if we can get this one sounding good.

Start by barring the first fret of the first and second strings. Play those strings by themselves. How do they sound? Both ringing nicely. Good start.

Now try adding the others fingers. This can be where the problems start, trying to get a flat bar finger and at the same time upright fingers for the rest of the chord.

Try building it in reverse - fingers three, two and then one. He is a tip - the three fingers on strings 2, 3, and 4 are a complete F chord. As long as you don’t play the first string. So maybe your first string is dead sounding - well that’s ok!

Practice changing from

* C to F.

* F to G.

Over and over!

Happy strumming.

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