A chord a day - C7

April 2, 2021

C7 or ‘C Dominant Seventh’ can be a really handy chord. It is formed by adding your fourth finger to the C Major chord. When attempting to get to it quickly it can be helpful to form the C chord first and then add the fourth finger.⁠

It can be really useful when thought of as a moveable shape. Move it up two frets and it becomes a D7 chord, up another two frets an E7. As a moveable shape it becomes a four string chord so strum from the fifth string and lean your first finger over to deaden the first string. Play just the middle four strings.⁠

Try it playing Blues in G using G, C7 and D7 - with D7 played as the C7 shape just moved two frets higher. Notice how I can get a nice staccato effect as all the strings are fingered - no ringing notes. Finally, you can add some really cool alternate bass notes by swinging your third finger over to the sixth string.⁠

There it is! C7. A handy chord with lots of uses.⁠

Happy strumming.⁠

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