A chord a day - Bm7

April 6, 2021

Bm7 chord. One the the first full bar chords to learn.

Bar chords are simply open chords moved up the neck with the nut being replaced by a bar. These ones are known as the A Form chords. A, Am, A7 and Am7 - all forms of A can be moveable up the neck.

The root note of the A chord is A on the fifth string. It moves up the neck with the bar. Because the root note is on the fifth string the bar only needs to cover five strings. If it feels more comfortable bar all six and just strum five.

Try playing

* Bm7 to F#7. Move all fingers up one string.

* Em to Bm7. Aim to get the bar finger on first, especially if you are picking out the bass note in the strum.

Bar chords take time to master, however they are next level playing for any guitarist.

Happy strumming.

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