A Chord A Day - Amaj7

June 21, 2021

Amaj7. Like all major seven chords, the Amaj7 has a really nice laid back feel to it. You will hear it in a lot of 70s acoustic playing. America and The Beatles both used it.

America - I Need You. (“We used to laugh, we used to cry…” A to Amaj7)

The Beatles - Something. (“You’re asking me will my love grow…” A to Amaj7)

Richard Clapton - Deep Water. (“Sitt'in out on the Palm Beach road, I'm so drunk and the car won't go…” Ama7 to Aadd9)

Like the A7 chord you want to hear a clear distinction between A and Amaj7. Keep your fingers upright to hear the major 7 note. Your fingers stand more upright when the thumb is dropped down behind the neck.Amaj7 is one of the bar chord shapes. Bar on the third fret with the major 7 shape and it becomes a Cmaj7. Up two more frets to Dmaj7. So getting your open chord shapes right is an important step in playing bar chords.

Happy strumming.

Mark Wilkes

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