A Chord A Day - A7

August 13, 2020

Here is an easy chord that is often played incorrectly. Are you getting it right?

The important thing about A7 is its sound. Can you hear the ‘7’ sound? Because the shape is so closely related to A Major, the sound of the 7 can get a little lost. Finger it as I have drawn it, using your second and third fingers. Strum from the fifth string down. Now play the strings individually. Can you hear the third string? Is it muffled? The third string is a G note - it is the 7 in this chord. Try getting your fingers upright and away from the third string when playing.Practise changing from A to A7. Can you hear the 7 sound?

Try playing a Blues in E, with a quick 4 in the second bar,

E   A7 E  E7
A   A7 E  E7
B7 A7 E  B7

Happy strumming.

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