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Which guitar do I need?

Choosing the right first guitar will ensure you or your child gets off to the best possible start. Not to big - not too small! Steel strings - nylon strings? When can kids start on electric guitar?

Primary school-age learners should start with a guitar with a smaller body size, simply so they can reach over it when playing! Guitar companies now make guitars in smaller sizes to suit younger learners. As a guide,

  • Choose 1/2 size for 5 through 8 year olds.
  • Choose 3/4 size for 8 through 11 year olds
  • Choose full size for 12 year olds through to adult.

Nylon strings are easier on little fingers and are the best starting point for kids.

First off a simple nylon bag will suit. A solid case is very heavy and is normally suited for a guitar that is on tour!

We have Sanchez brand guitars in store ready to go in the three sizes. Natural, Black and Pink colours!

Sanchez Guitars

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