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There are strings, and then there are strings...

cigar box guitar

Over my years of building cigar box instruments I have come to realise there are some things you just can't 'cheap-out' on. Yes, lots of people have the skills to knock together a cigar box guitar - but how will it sound when played, and more so, when plugged in?

The cigar box tradition is built around upcycled, hand made instruments. That is its intrigue and its attraction. Unfortunately, some of the instruments builds sound like a sick dog. Spending a bit more on some hardware and parts will make a noticeable difference. One big one is strings. There is just a few dollars difference between Chinese made strings and US made strings, yet they are streets apart when it comes to tonal quality. I am not an expert on what goes into each but I can sure hear it. Invest in quality where it is needed.

I have started bringing together three and four string sets for cigar box guitars. Using D'Addario XL strings these high quality strings are what you will find on all Buzz Box Guitars. Try them out on your next cigar box build or string replacement.


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